Here in England, Tabitha is a name synonymous with witches and cats. My mother tells me that I told her what my name was whilst she was pregnant with me. So I guess I always knew I was a witch! Even now I really wouldn't want any other name.


I have always felt a direct link to what I would call the 'greater consciousness'. Always a dreamer, I'd escape there to the oneness, or into the land of imagination to find solitude and magic. I just didn't always know how to use it.

​Of course no one tells you how to have a career as a witch, and I quickly forgot who I really was. I pursued studies in Film Production at University before embarking on careers in Marketing, Events, Online Retail, Fashion Show Production and Makeup Artistry. Like most people, I became focused on what I thought I wanted and what I thought I was good at. With each new career change, I learnt a lot but still couldn’t find real fulfilment. Even my passion for painting grew long forgotten.


Having been born Buddhist to Shaman/Acupuncturist/Human Design Analyst mother, I still always maintained a keen interest in Spirituality despite my corporate surroundings. When I reached my Saturn Return at 28 everything changed. I was guided back to my true path slowly remembering who I was.


My journey really intensified when I was  introduced to Superconsciousness, or as like to call it Psychic Shamanism. I learned how to use intuition to tap into both my egoic wound and my true self to start living my purpose. I rediscovered my true witchiness and love of painting. I learned Alchemy and how to create life from the heart. Combining it with my studies of many other modalities including Human Design, EFT, Emotion Code, NLP, Huna and Energy Healing. This journey has taken me across the world from drinking Cacao in ceremony in the highlands of Guatemala and Ayahuasca in the jungles of Peru, to other spiritual capitals including Hawaii, Mexico, Sedona, Santa Fe, Byron Bay, Peru's Sacred Valley, Thailand, Ibiza, South Africa, Swaziland and, of course, the place where I am most alive - right here in London!


Now I bring you this work remotely so that you too can live a superconscious life.


"Tabitha's readings have helped me through some difficult times in my life - her uncanny ability to tap into what I need to see has helped me move through those issues with clarity."

Andrew, Australia


© Tabitha Ellis

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